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The fertilizer refers to inorganic compounds (Inorganic) or organic compounds (Organic), which is natural.

Or synthetic substances to nutrients in the form useful to plants.

Fertilizers can be divided into two main types are.

  • Organic fertilizer
  • The inorganic fertilizer or chemical fertilizer.

Means that organic fertilizer from organic matter produced by the process

Chopped marinated pan humidifier or other means such as manure (from manure), compost manure fertilizer from garbage And waste grain or animal bones.

The inorganic fertilizer means. The fertilizer derived from inorganic substances. Including fertilizer, uncomplicated

Fertilizer blending and composite analysis. Fertilizers, inorganic Such as ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride. Later there is a synthesis of urea and calcium, Na Ya Mind site known and Commonly called. Fertilizer Science. Or chemical fertilizer, sure enough. And farmers often called a formula, such as fertilizer 18-46-0 (DAP) 12-52-0 (MAP) 16-16-16, 15-15-15,16-20-0 etc.

Ministry of Agriculture has issued instructions academic standards of organic fertilizer and fertilizer minerals, Nature (2544) has defined the term organic fertilizer and compost as natural minerals.

1. This means that organic fertilizer made from chopped or paste made from fermented or hot object and non-organic fertilizers and biological

1.1 means that the compost fertilizer from organic material. With the grinding process dampen chopped Sift through the process completely.

1.2 mixed organic fertilizer, minerals, natural organic fertilizer, which means a mixture of natural minerals, such as Do not Lo Minerals Ltd. Perfect Light zeolite etc.

1.3 organic fertilizer, water means water derived from the fermentation of organic materials such as plants or animals. Or include both plants and animals.

1.4 means that organic manure from animal excreta and information.

1.5 means that the organic fertilizers, humus derived from data and human excreta.

1.6 head microorganisms. Means for producing organic fertilizer with a number of microbial cells per unit height.

This is the process of scientific culture. For the production of organic fertilizer

2. Fertilizer means a fertilizer made from living organisms use to improve. Soil biological and physical and biochemical means including leavening microorganisms.

3. Fertilizer minerals means a fertilizer derived from natural minerals contained in Lo Do not like out zeolite Perfect Light and so the same kind or several kinds of manufacturing a product. In tablet or powder form. To improve soil and increase soil mineral nutrients to plants.

The advantages of using organic fertilizers.

If farmers use organic fertilizers, continued on a regular basis to improve the soil will produce good results is.

1. To improve the physical condition of the soil porous Incoherent and improve the soil can absorb water

And better air circulation. This is essential. To help plants grow roots absorb water and nutrients in the soil to its full potential.

2. Nutrients in organic fertilizer, even less, but will also be gradually completed elements. Emissions benefits even though the plant has put a lot. I will not die quickly lost.

3. To promote the use of chemical fertilizer is associated with. Advantage to plants growing. It also helps promote The microbiological soil. Activities that are beneficial to the soil. And better crops.

Fertilizer use efficiency.

Farmers use fertilizer to get the best results. Will need to know three important reasons.

1. To know the soil and crops.

2. About fertilizer

3. Know how to use fertilizer.

The use of organic fertilizer with chemical What is the correct way.

Use the right fertilizer, soil improvement, farmers use fertilizers with organic fertilizers. Chemical that is appropriate to use mineral fertilizers increased plant nutrients in soil and organic fertilizer. Clear and incoherent soil and plants to enhance the skin absorb nutrients from fertilizer use is less with chemical fertilizers. And organic fertilizers have a role in the promotion of jointly improving the soil rather than as competitors. The selected farmers will have to decide to use one, but only that some people understand. The correct way is to use chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers. Provide decent

Compare using

Chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers + chemicals.

The results obtained.

Season 1.

Chemical + chemical

Season 1.

chemical+ Organic

- reduce fertilizer costs by 25%.

- Plants are key elements, followed completely

- Adjust the soil better. "

- yield the same or higher

Season 2

Chemical + chemical+ Chemical

Season 2

chemical + Organic+ Organic

- the cost of fertilizers decreased 33%.

- Plants are key elements, followed completely

- Adjust the soil better. "

- yield the same or higher

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